The Training of Berlin, Day One
Applicant Profile Age:28 Sign:Aries Disposition: Service slut / light masochist Fears / Current Limits: Afraid to disappoint Strengths: Thoughtful of the needs of others Weaknesses: Applicant talks and thinks too much. She has a hard time getting out of her head and into her body. Poor pussy sucker. Never done boy/girl sex on camera. Experience: 4 years experience as a submissive, some fetish / BDSM commercial experience Current Status: unowned Recommendations: She has allot of nervous energy and interjects too much. A nipple / labia leash with a harsh tube gag might start her off on the right foot. Lead her through the building this way, down into the basement to perform some manual labor. Spray her down with a hose and cover her in filth before she is allowed to clean up a bit and present herself for pussy eating tests. Prepare her to fuck cock on camera for the first time on day three.

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