What else to do with gorgeous submissive Pierce Paris? After all, he’s been through bondage, CBT, impact play, and getting dildos shoved into him at both ends. Lily Lovecraft has just the thing — her fist way up Pierce’s asshole, while Lita Lecherous keeps his face busy with a sloppy strap-on blowjob. Meanwhile, because Pierce has been such a fine plaything, the Dommes reward him by jerking him off, making this an awesome session for all involved. (Part 3 of 3)
With: Lily Lovecraft, Pierce Paris, Lita Lecherous
Director: Dee Severe
Categories: Airtight, Anal, BDSM, Big Dick, Blonde, Blowjob, Bondage, Brunette, CBT, Crop, Dildo, Domination, Dominatrix, Femdom, Flogging, Impact Play, Lingerie, Nylons Stockings, Paddle, Pain, Pegging, Spanking, Spit Roast, Strap On, Sub, Submissive

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