Daisy Ducati has the document for the majority of orgasms brought upon throughout wrestling. She is perhaps, the greatest sex competitor of all time. She makes almost all of her challengers cum on the floor coverings yet she is likewise known to have lost from cuming on the mats as well. Leya Falcon understands she’s out skilled right here today. She knows everything about Sissy’s legs and exactly how dangerous they are But Leya has actually additionally done her research and recognizes that Sissy has a weakness for obtaining choked and by being attract by sexual gladiators and losing by orgasm. Daisy totally dominates Leya in rounds 1 as well as 2. Sissy puts a submission facility on for Leya who catches Daisy’s power. Round 3 Leya sees an opportunity to get an instantaneous victory. She lets Sissy remain on her face and she starts licking her pussy so great that Sissy is close to cumming. There is Definitely and Orgasm on the Mat in rounded 3. The victor face fucks the loser up until she slobbers around the victor penis. The Victor fucks every opening the loser has, mouth, pussy as well as butt are all destroyed. Victor does a victory position with her foot over the losers mouth.

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