Lucia Love must have done something pretty bad to have to be put through her paces the way Isla does it to her in this new scene. Lucia probably didn’t scrub the bathroom thoroughly, or maybe she brought wine to Mistress Isla that wasn’t properly chilled. In any case, Isla recognizes her sub’s need for discipline, and she delivers it! Lucia is outfitted in a metal bra, chastity belt with an opening for a dildo, and metal cuffs restricting the movement of her thighs. While Lucia stands at attention, Isla whips her across her front with a cat-o-nine-tails. Then she turns Lucia around, has her bend over (all the while holding Lucia’s neck on a leash), and flogs her ass as the girl cries out in pain and dismay. Then it’s time for Lucia to serve Mistress Isla on her knees, licking Isla’s pussy. Isla then lays Lucia on her back on a heavy wooden table, and squats over her sub’s face and rides it for her pleasure. Then it’s time for red candle wax, pouring down all over Lucia’s behind, making her moan and gasp in agony as the hot red goo dries on the skin of her vulnerable white butt. What a mess the splattering wax makes, all over her ass! But then Mistress Isla peels off the wax and applies a fierce spanking as her slave grimaces under the onslaught of devilish correction. But all is not punishment! No, Mistress Isla can be kind too, in her way, and she knows even a bad sub needs sexual release–so she crams a black dildo into Lucia’s pussy through the opening in the chastity belt. Isla lords over her slave: “Now, enjoy your orgasm, my little disobedient bitch!” And then she kisses her slave goodbye and leaves Lucia on the waxy surface of the wooden table, to feel the dildo still in her snatch, and to contemplate the price of her sins!
With: Lucia Love, Isla
Categories: Anal, Brunette, Chastity Play, Collar, Dildo, Discipline, Domination, Dominatrix, Facesitting, Flogging, High Heels, Hot Wax, Latex, Lesbian, Natural Boobs, Pain, Pussy Eating, Slave, Spanking, Straight, Sub, Thirdparty, White
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