BondageLife – Scrub

04 Sep, 2021
File Die

It’s manual labor time for Greyhound and the floors at The Ranch can use a good cleaning, so our little creature gets put to work cleaning them bound on her hands and knees! Bound in a nice posture collar and panel gag, a silenced Greyhound begins her chores by presenting down and showing her pussy and ass to the camera. After presenting herself she crawls on her hands and knees and scrubs the living room floor until it shines like new, a task made even more difficult with her wrists being chained to the heavy metal bondage belt locked around her waist. Once her task is complete it’s time for our little creature to be stored away so she crawls over to her cage and climbs inside, then as she moves around her cage she gives you a great view of the clamps locked tightly to her labias, exposes herself to the camera, then crawls around on her hands and knees before finally locking herself inside the small cage and calling it a day!

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